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FROTCOM® system

The FROTCOM® system provides us with a number of advantages, which include:

Among other functions, this system allows us to perform the following functions:

  • GPS tracking.
  • Sensor control.
  • Driving analysis.
  • Fuel management.
  • Personnel management.
  • Fleet intelligence.

The FROTCOM® system provides us with a number of advantages, which include:

Better quality customer service

Lower cost

Higher productivity

Better business planning

Greater security

Among other functions, the FROTCOM® geolocation system allows us to:

Create routes according to a specific itinerary

  • Associate vehicles on roads and, therefore, monitor vehicles to determine whether or not they are following a particular route or stop for longer than expected, immediately generating a notice via e-mail or SMS.
  • Follow progress made on the route, monitoring the distance remaining to the destination and arrival time in real time. This can be verified if a delay is expected, and the appropriate measures taken.
  • Generate notifications on progress made on the route. We can inform our clients via SMS or e-mail a few minutes or kilometres before the vehicles arrive.
  • Raise alarms. We can immediately detect if a vehicle has deviated from its planned route, if it has stopped for longer than expected, if it has pulled up at an unauthorised stop, if a door is open, if the engine is hotter than normal, etc .

This allows us to determine when an incident has occurred and, as a result, to minimise the response time to this incident and provide information on said incident as soon as possible.

With the FROTCOM® geolocation system, we can generate a series of reports that enable us to analyse various route and driving parameters.

Driving analysis

  • Efficient driving can reduce fuel consumption by more than 30% and, as a result, reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Various studies have shown that efficient driving can reduce traffic accidents by around 70%.
  • Acceleration, braking, deceleration, speed and, in some cases, excess revolutions and the use of speed control can be monitored.
  • This system can be used to classify drivers according to the efficiency of their driving and, as a result, to reward the best drivers and provide guidance to those who do not achieve such good results, avoiding sudden braking, speeding, etc.

Route analysis

  • The route control module has been designed as a powerful tool to create and control routes of the fleet.
  • A vehicle that is not on its assigned route can be located at any time; the module can also determine how far the vehicle is from its destination and its estimate time of arrival.
  • Follow-up reports on routes and punctuality can be generated, with atypical values that warrant attention able to located immediately.


ZEUS is a powerful integrated management system that brings together all modules necessary to manage a passenger transport firm.

These modules include:

  • Management of repeat services
  • Management of discretionary services
  • Service assignment management
  • Personnel management
  • Financial management
  • Automated invoicing management
  • Workshop management
  • Sales management (CRM)

Given that they are repeated, business routes are updated for the whole year according to the labour calendar provided by the Corporación Catalana de Medios Audiovisuales (the Catalan audiovisual media corporation). As a result, there is no margin for error (business days, public holidays, shifts, etc.).

In addition, during the autumn of 2015 the whole fleet was fitted with a GPS geolocation system that can be used to monitor vehicles at all points on their route online, determine where a particular vehicle is at any time and at what time it passed a particular stop.


Safety features of vehicles:

  • Seatbelts on all seats.
  • GPS LOCATOR in all vehicles.
  • ABS / ASR brakes.
  • Power steering or equivalent.
  • Anchorage according to regulation R80.
  • Hydraulic retarder with automatic maximum speed control.
  • Integrated vehicle suspension.
  • Emergency exits in all doors and windows.
  • Body resistant to side and frontal impacts.
  • Digital tachograph: To record events while driving.
  • Surveillance camera in the hold.
  • Three-panel rear-view mirrors.
  • Body fitted with anti-tip measures.
  • All coach components meet anti-fire regulations.
  • Anti-slip aisle floor surface.
  • Fire extinguishers in all vehicles.
  • First-aid kits in all vehicles.
  • All vehicles are compliant with current school regulations (RD 443/2001).
  • Highly secure chassis and anti-tip systems with anchorage in all seats.
  • Electric anti-reflective blind for driver and guide.
  • Roll cages.
  • Speed limiter.
  • Hydraulic electric auxiliary brakes (retarder)



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